Wednesday, July 06, 2016


Serves: 4

6 chicken legs
¼ cup strained bacon grease
½ cup BBQ spice or Cajun spice blend
2 tablespoons salt
1 cup BBQ sauce of your choice

Heat your smoker to 200 degrees. You can use an indirect heating method if you are using a bbq grill. You will want you smoker/grill rolling with heat before you put the chicken inside.

Amply rub each chicken leg down with the bacon grease.

While rubbing, coat the chicken leg with the BBQ seasoning.

Lightly season with salt unless your BBQ seasoning already contains salt. In that case, omit the extra salt. If you are unsure, taste the BBQ seasoning before using it. If it tastes salty then you probably shouldn’t add extra.

Place the chicken in the smoker/grill.

Keep the temperature around 200 – 225 degrees.

Flip the legs after 2 hours.

Cook for another 2 hours.

Brush the BBQ sauce on each side of each leg and allow them to cook for another 30 minutes.

Pull the chicken legs from the grill and brace yourself for the awesomeness which is soon to ensue.

bacon recipe source: The Unmanly Chef (@theunmanlychef), September 4, 2014

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