Sunday, January 25, 2015


serves two

2 croissants (ready made or part baked, doesn't matter) 
150 grams (~5 1/2 oz.) closed cup mushrooms 
4 cherry tomatoes 
1 1/2 tablespoons olive oil 
4 rashers of bacon 
Ground pepper (mill) or good pinch of pepper powder.

Turn on oven, to around 300ºF. Halve the croissants, but don't place in oven yet. Clean mushrooms with damp cloth. Slice mushrooms. Heat olive oil in wide pan to the point where a mushroom slice when dropped in will immediately start to sizzle. 

Add all mushrooms, and stir around with wooden spatula. Add about 12 to 18 twists of pepper from the pepper mill. Turn on grill. Keep stirring the mushrooms. They will soon start to give up their moisture, and the pan / oil temperature will drop to the boiling point of water. Keep on stirring till all the moisture is driven off, and all that is left is the oil and mushrooms. Keep cooking until the sliced mushrooms just start to brown. Turn down the pan heat to low. 

Place bacon and tomatoes under the grill. Grill bacon to taste and the tomato skins are just blackening on top. Half way through this, place the croissants in the oven. 

After about 3 minutes, remove the pre-sliced croissants from oven. With a fork, mash two cherry tomatoes onto one half of each of the two croissants. Layer two rashers of bacon over the tomatoes. Spoon the mushrooms over the bacon. Place the top half of the croissants over the mushrooms.

bacon recipe source: boscad (Good Food community member), BBC Good Food (@bbcgoodfood)

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