Monday, November 24, 2014


1 package hot dogs (any style)
an equal number of uncooked bacon strips to the number of hot dogs you have
2 toothpicks per hot dog (preferably un-colored)

Preheat grill to low (or build a low bed of coals on one side of the grill). Wrap a piece of bacon around each hot dog, starting at one end, fixing it in place with a toothpick skewered all the way through the bacon and hot dog, and spiraling it around the hot dog to the other end where another toothpick is pushed through to hold it in place. Repeat until all the hot dogs are wrapped in bacon.

Place the hot dogs on the hot, clean grill and let them cooking, turning and repositioning as necessary, until the bacon is chewy/crisp, or about 8 minutes.

bacon recipe source: Rebecca Lindamood, Foodie with Family (@foodiewithfam), June 27, 2014

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