Friday, April 15, 2011


1 kg package of agnolotti pasta
5-6 mushrooms
6 rashers of bacon
5 spring onions
white wine
fresh garlic
salt and black pepper
olive oil

Chop mushrooms, spring onions, bacon and garlic into small pieces. Put water in a pot and place on oven top, bring water to the boil add pasta. Add olive oil to a fry pan on high, then add bacon and garlic. Stir for approx 2 minutes or until bacon is starting to look lightly cooked. Add spring onions and mushrooms. Continue to stir.Wwhile doing this, check on the pasta: it takes a while for the water to boil again after the pasta is added, but doesn’t take long for the past to cook. Add approx 100-200 ml of white wine, allow it to bubble. You’re boiling off the alcohol here while keeping the taste. Turn frypan right down to low-mid and add cream. You can add cream to suit depending on how much sauce you want. Add a small shake of salt and black peeper, stir. Strain pasta and add to fry pan. Stir ingredients briefly then switch heat off.

bacon recipe courtesy of: Duncan, RandomAltFood, November 11, 2010

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