Sunday, May 23, 2010

1840. CURD with CHIVE and BREAD CRUST with BACON

serves four

1/3 lb. curd
1.8 oz. double cream
salt and pepper
1 bunch of minced chives
2 teaspoon vinaigrette, composed of walnut oil, red wine vinegar, salt, pepper and a pinch of sugar
4 small dandelions, washed
4 small round forms of 1.6 in, oiled

The bacon bread crusts
3 oz. liquid leaven (sour dough)
2 slices of smoked bacon
onion compote
1/2 lb. hacked onions
3/4 oz. butter
2/5 cups red wine vinegar
2/5 cups water
salt and pepper

The reduction:
2/5 cups port wine
2/5 cups red wine

Curd preparation: Mix the curd with double cream. Season with salt and pepper and fill the 4 round forms. Season the 4 dandelions with some vinaigrette. Pour the remaining vinaigrette over the chive and put is on the curd forms. Store it cold.

Preparation of the bacon bread crust: Butter a cake form and, using a brush, spread the liquid leaven over a dimension of 4.7- 1.6 in. Mince the bacon slice and spread them, diagonally, on the bread crusts. Cook in the oven at 428 degrees F, like for sugared biscuit.

Preparation of the onion compote: Sweat the hacked onions in butter with salt and pepper. Deice with red wine vinegar and water. Let it very gently cook on the flame, until the onions turn into a compote.

Reduction preparation: Boil down the port wine and red wine until obtaining a syrup-like consistency.

Ending and presentation: Place a small curd with chive in a concave dish. Remove the circle. Put a nice scoop of onion compote and a dandelion at the side. Sting a bread crust in the curd and pour some drops of the reduction around it.

bacon recipe courtesy of: Chef Georges Wenger, Hotel-Restaurant Georges W, 2, rue de la gare, Le Noirmont, France

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